Tire Traction Device – Has Your Car Ever Been Stuck And You Don’t Know How To Get Out?


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STUCK AND DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET OUT? – Has your vehicle ever been trapped under a sheet of ice or snow? And you’re late for an important meeting? Well, have we ever got the solution for you and it’s perfect for the man or woman who doesn’t know a thing about cars. It just gets them from point a to point b.

RAISED TRACKS – Raised tracks help prevent vehicle tires from spinning on snow, sand, mud or ice. No towing or pushing required!

PERFECT FOR EMERGENCIES – The Tire Traction Device is designed to help you when you’re stuck in snow, sand or mud. These tire blocks will increase the friction with the road, making it the most reliable companion during road-trips and emergencies.

NO TIRE ATTACHMENT – There is no attaching the Tire Traction Device to any tire, which can take hours for the novice user. All you do is lay down the device either behind or in front of the tire, depending on which direction he or she is heading. Making sure that hands and feet of the helper are cleared and the driver may drive over the device into safety.

ONLY ONE INCLUDED – Just not to mix up anything, there is only ONE Tire Traction Device included with your purchase. You would have to increase the “QTY” field to two if so desired.

MUST HAVE – A must have automotive safety accessory to keep on board for all vehicles. Great for off-road beach or desert use. Good tool to keep handy!

Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 22.83 × 12.60 × 2.17 in


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